Friday, November 18, 2016

Forever Arms

Hold me in arms that trust

Beyond the trust that I deserve

Beyond the trust that I have earned

Beyond the fear that lies dead deep

The dark primaeval fear of death

Lay cold in quiet familiar grave


Show me scenes of wanton hate

Callous acts of naked spite

Flaunted in religious garb

With glee that would have Satan blush

Christ still warm nailed to his cross

And in his name poor wretches crushed


I will beat the wailing wall

Until my hands are torn and scarred

And shame the lying bastards

Who pimp the Holocaust for what?

Excuse their callous disregard

For life they think so lightly of


Christians, Jews and Muslims all

Fanatical, their virtues strained

Rebuke us for our moral filth

While we show flesh and choose our mates

They scratch and spit at flesh and bone

And whore their faith for pen and ink


Read me a Psalm, I'll share your Eid

I'll tabernacle for a while

Sustain me with your words of hope

Instead of laws that I must break

So I must beg your moral god

and owe a debt I cannot pay


Let me drink till I am drunk

I'll not forget but for a while

I'll know the truth without the pain

And know my heart without the shame

I'll find some respite in that haze

And pay a price that's mine to pay


Hold me and speak my name

I sometimes wonder at my state

It seems that words define my soul

Yet I know better of it

Be the ferry to my island

The mainland to my strait


I cannot share my humanity

with racists, murderers and moralisers

without the cleansing of your love

Save me from my ghosts

Of future, past and present

in forever arms


© Chris Price 2015

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