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Christmas Fayre

Performing at the Morecambe Parish Church Christmas Festival.It was a half hour slot in which I sang all Christmas songs apart from James Taylor's Sweet Baby James and a song I wrote which has an advent theme so it still counts. I sang a song I wrote 2 days ago as well as one I wrote last year and one I wrote over 10 years ago. The audience was small but appreciative and the sound was great especially when I sang Away in a Manger to the American preferred tune.A nice intro to my Christmas.

My songs

I previously had the spoonfulofdreams domain pointing to SongRamp where many of my songs reside before repointing it here where I have a link to my Youtube account. So you can hear my songs on SongRamp and see and hear them on YouTube, here's the link to my SongRamp page.You can also find some of my songs on Spotify and iTunes. Simply search for 'The Beauty of Grace'.I really must get some more songs recorded professionally. Alas that will have to wait but maybe just till next year.

Where I Am Now

Its been a long time since I've contributed to my blog. It must be time to get back into the habit. Much has happened since I last wrote, notably the Lancaster Music Festival. Yes, I helped organise it - built and maintained the website, designed the posters, banners and brochure and put the brochure together. Then I performed over the weekend and did my bit in being part of the team. It was an amazing experience and to cap it all we won an award.I think I can pretty well hang 2013 on the Festival; it was incredibly significant and will always be a mile stone for me. Earlier this year I left the church I'd helped to lead after I could no longer reconcile myself with the direction in which it was heading. Sometimes its not a matter of staying in order to be a positive influence especially when its taking all your energy to remain sane. It almost feels like I've abandoned everything I used to believe yet I've remained true to the faith.Some of those held up as mentors an…

Playing at NICE


Why Do I Grumble

You are my God
You are my Father
You train my hands
To turn the lathe
Transform my life
To match your likeness
In you alone
My life is savedAs Jesus slept
Rock for a pillow
No food to eat
No friend to share
He learned the hard way
No help or comfort
Until the angels
Met him thereYou chose the way
That would destroy you
Knowing destruction
Would be destroyed
Hoping only
In truth and justice
No host of angels
Was deployedYou rose victorious
And sent your Spirit
The God of comfort
For my distress
But I have also
Your example
Life's bitter tests
Your righteousnessWhy do I grumble
When life is easy?
Why do I doubt
When life is hard?
Where did I learn
You're there to please me?
Did I forget
You are my God?© Chris Price 2013

Before You Buy…

So you get an email from a marketing guru. She tells you your life story like she’d been sitting next to you all these years. She knows exactly what walls you’ve been bashing your head on, what hurdles you’ve been knocking over and what weeds you can’t keep down. Maybe she gets you reading the blurb for 5 minutes, nodding your head and giving grunts of recognition as you acknowledge her total grasp of the situation. So, obviously, if she has such a good grasp of the situation then she’s probably got the answers lurking in her briefcase.Now, is she a scam artist? No, she’s earning six figures practicing what she preaches and has helped scores of people to sort out their jumbled business lives. You’ll notice that as she explains some of the principles of running a successful business she keeps punctuating the proceedings with a reminder that she started out as ignorant as you. So how did she come by this wealth of wisdom and expertise? Well, of course she has tested all the angles and t…

Are We Too Needy?

I realise I have to write shorter articles; otherwise I'm just not going to keep this blog going. So here's what I'm thinking: I've noticed one or two songs expressing our desperation for God and, somehow, it just doesn't sit right with me. Desperation suggests being at the end of your tether and while its good that we recognise our dependence on God for everything this is surely not a healthy state to be in permanently. Let's say you have become unemployed or suffered an injury that leaves you unable to work. You then become dependent on benefits. So long as the benefits come in on time and are meeting your basic needs you shouldn't be desperate. It might make you realise how dependent you are if a payment should be delayed a few days but this wouldn't be how anyone would expect to live.Life is relatively easy in our country and that can make us lazy in that most of us know where our next meal is going to come from. We can be open about our faith becau…