Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Why Do I Grumble

You are my God
You are my Father
You train my hands
To turn the lathe
Transform my life
To match your likeness
In you alone
My life is saved

As Jesus slept
Rock for a pillow
No food to eat
No friend to share
He learned the hard way
No help or comfort
Until the angels
Met him there

You chose the way
That would destroy you
Knowing destruction
Would be destroyed
Hoping only
In truth and justice
No host of angels
Was deployed

You rose victorious
And sent your Spirit
The God of comfort
For my distress
But I have also
Your example
Life's bitter tests
Your righteousness

Why do I grumble
When life is easy?
Why do I doubt
When life is hard?
Where did I learn
You're there to please me?
Did I forget
You are my God?

© Chris Price 2013